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LDK Advisory Services was founded because there are far too many sales methodologies, trainings and content that focus on a "one size fits all" approach. These types of trainings and methodologies set leaders and sellers up to fail miserably. 


We recognized the only way that sales enablement activities really work and stick is when they are highly customized and personalized based on a unique sales team in a distinct culture.  

That's why we are here, to help sales leaders create high performing sales organizations and accelerate growth. 


Anita Nielsen, President - LDK Advisory Services

 I am a  Sales Enablement consultant and Sales Performance  Strategist, and Coach.   I have 20 years of cross industry from various roles in B2B Sales and Sales and Sales Enablement.   


I am committed to my clients' success and am relentless in finding  solutions for  various problems faced by B2B sales leaders.  By being a "fixer" for sales leaders, I have the ability to create sustainable sales success beyond just  the numbers and into the realms of improved  sales  team engagement and  enhanced customer experience.  


My objective is to understand the root cause(s) for an organization's sales challenges, most of the time it's to do with people,  and determine how to address those challenges in a positive manner.  I only work with clients that understand today's B2B sales landscape demands a holistic, more human approach to value creation. I don't work with templates and try to fit clients into  an existing  solution.  

If you are ready to try a proven, people centered approach to growth and sales success, LDK is the partner you need. 

Why an Elephant?

I have had an affinity for elephants for as long as I can remember.  In my sales training classes, I allude to a powerful metaphor created by Jonathan Haidt. Haidt compares the two systems of the mind, rational and emotional,  to a human rider atop an elephant.   I can’t give it away, but this is an extremely valuable metaphor in the world of sales.  I’ve found that contextualizing this metaphor to b2b sales is the most powerful way to help sales professionals provide personalized value, differentiate themselves and create customers for life. Understanding and applying Rider and Elephant metaphor helps sales professionals win bigger, better and more deals.


The elephant universally symbolizes luck and loyalty. In the Hindu Religion, Ganesha, the Elephant God governs new beginnings and is the patron of intellectuals and authors. So, It made perfect sense for me to choose the Elephant as the logo to represent my company.  Finally, the five bursts of water coming up from the elephant’s trunk symbolize Punjab (which means 5 rivers) in India, which is where I was born.   

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