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At LDK, we leverage surveys to get feedback after every client training class and engagement to help ensure we are continually evolving our content and approach to best address our customers' needs.  Our surveys are a great source of feedback and insight and we are proud to consistently achieve the highest ratings and receive excellent comments.  Here's a sample of some feedback from our anonymous surveys. 

"Anita did a great job of knowing the organization and ways to scale our organization. It was a great experience, overall" - B2B Sales Professional, Consultative Selling Training - May 2019

 "I truly thought the training was great. I appreciated the approach that allowed everyone the opportunity to speak and participate without making people feel they were put on the spot. I have benefited from it and I'm looking forward to more. I have a goal of selling more recurring services and I'm all in!" - B2B Sales Professional, Consultative Selling Training - October 2018

"The opportunity to be challenged and encouraged to think differently had an immediate impact on who I am as a salesperson. The most valuable part of the 2 day workshop was the simple fact that with Anita's guidance, we took the time to dive deeper, something that I don't think we (sales people in general) do often enough" - B2B Sales Professional, Consultative Selling Training - October 2018.

"I now feel I have the ability to come back from the objection by softening the discussion and still get additional information with the right statement/questions." - B2B Sales Professional, Consultative Selling Training - May 2019

"I think the entire training as a whole was extraordinarily valuable because it really sets the tone for the team sell. I enjoyed numerous portions of the training and did not find any of it irrelevant."

- B2B Sales Engineer, Psych2Sell Training - October 2018

"{the Class helped with} Changing my mindset around the customer and what they are thinking, and what triggers them to share more R.E.P."  - B2B Sales Professional, Consultative Selling Training - May 2019

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